Reynaers, Fairfield, Enniscorthy and Sensible Safety Ltd

Tangible Results:

  • Reduction of 40% in Employer and Public Liability Premiums at Reynaers.
  • Reduction of 66% in Personal Injury and Civil Compensation claims.

Reasons for Sensible Safety Ltd Involvement

  • Need to reduce risk for employees and Reynaers
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Image and customer perception
  • Efficiency
  • Create a safe, efficient and cost effective working environment at Raynaers.

Drive for Excellence by Sensible Safety Ltd and Reynaers

  1. Consultation with employees and management by Shane and Pat Dunphy.
  2. Employee Involvement, Consultation and Participation.
  3. Complete Review of Health & Safety Management System.
  4. Risk Assessment of each department.
  5. Provide practical solutions to risk assessments.
  6. Implement risk reduction strategy for each department.
  7. Training – Training – Training.
  8. Revert to Step 1.