A Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) is appointed by the Client to oversee the coordination of the design work. The PSDP can be either a person or a company, what is important is that the appointed PSDP is able to fulfil the responsibilities of the position.

In all cases the person or company undertaking the role must have the necessary competence to carry out the relevant duties.  To ensure effectiveness in addressing and co-ordinating safety and health matters from the very early stages of a project, the project supervisor design process must be appointed before design work commences.

What we can offer…

Sensible Safety Ltd is the leading specialist in Construction Safety Management and can provide the role of the PSDP. Our construction safety consultants will provide practical safety solutions at the conception of the project. This will result in significant savings for the client on the completion of the project.

Sensible Safety Ltd will provide expert construction safety consultants to assist the designers, architects, project managers in fulfilling all the legislative requirements of the project.

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Dear Shane I’m writing this letter as an acknowledgement of the excellent support and dedication SENSIBLE SAFETY  have shown in the last few months. While having our own construction team was second nature to myself and Robert, we had both worked in the domestic market where the Health and Safety seemed to be an opt […]

Eoin Ferguson, Contracts Manager, Carnivan Bay Property Ltd