The role of the Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) is to manage and co-ordinate health and safety matters during the construction stage.  The Project Supervisor Construction Stage is appointed before the construction work begins and remains in that position until all construction work on the project is completed.

If you need a PSCS, Sensible Safety Ltd can offer several different options to you based on the type of project you have and the resources available to you.

Sensible Safety Ltd will coordinate the Construction Stage. We will deal with the Design team, PSDP, the contractors on site/planned to work on your project and anyone else who is involved on your project.

This is all part of a Safety Management System, which is required for any construction project:

  • We will prepare the Construction Stage Health & Safety Plan
  • Prepare Safety Statements and other work activities taking place on site
  • Monitor Health and Safety throughout all site activities
  • Ensure appropriate Risk Assessments are prepared, as per the H.S.A. requirements
  • Provide ongoing assistance to you, the client and the construction & construction teams
  • Ensure incident and accidents reporting procedures are in place

Sensible Safety Ltd will support you throughout the project to help and guide you on all safety related issues.

For further information contact

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To whom it may concern, Since our company commenced trading we have engaged the services of Sensible Safety for on-site safety management, consultancy and training. We carry out a wide variety of building maintenance and construction projects and specialise in plumbing, underfloor heating and renewable energy.  Shane Dunphy has coordinated/implemented all of our onsite safety systems. Whether we are carrying out the duty of Project Supervisor for Construction Safety (PSCS) or Contractor, Shane has provided us with the necessary friendly documentation to be implemented onsite.   I happy to confirm that, since Shane's involvement in our on-site safety management system, all of our workers, foreman and engineers now play an active role in the implementation of policies and procedures. All of our direct employees and sub-contractors are now familiar with induction training, site specific risk assessment, method statement, tool box talks and consultation and cooperation for all projects, irrespective of their size or duration.   Finally, Shane's involvement has helped us to put in place an effective safety management sysytem involving employees at all levels in the company. In addition to reducing accidents and ill health and lost time, it has also improved morale and has improved our economic performance and competitiveness. Yours Sincerely Ollie McPhillips

Ollie McPhillips, Ollie Mcphillips Ltd

Dear Shane I’m writing this letter as an acknowledgement of the excellent support and dedication SENSIBLE SAFETY  have shown in the last few months. While having our own construction team was second nature to myself and Robert, we had both worked in the domestic market where the Health and Safety seemed to be an opt in opt out grey area.   Since we became involved with Carnivan Bay Property Ltd our work is generally Commercial/Public and we quickly realised that we didn’t have the experience or the time to set up a practical working Health and Safety system.   With your guidance we now have an easy to manage straight forward system that gives us the peace of mind in knowing we’re compliant and that our people, sub-contractors and general public are safe. Your staff and management training have brought Health and Safety from theory to reality and reality is where it counts.   I would also like to mention your ongoing assistance in monitoring our sites to insure we’re maintaining standards as this is the key achieving a complete Health and Safety plan, I know we would slip into old habits without your support. Regards, Eoin Ferguson Contracts Manager Carnivan Bay Property Ltd

Eoin Ferguson, Contracts Manager, Carnivan Bay Property Ltd