Hello, my name is John Casey;

I am the business Development manager for Elevation Construction Network.

We use the services of Sensible Safety and for many years. We chose SENSIBLE SAFETY  as they are a local company and Shane Dunphy is well known Throughout their industry with outstanding references from all over the Country.     The reason we use SENSIBLE SAFETY  is they offer a cost saving services to our construction members.     Pat and Shane offer a very reliable and consisting service. But what means the most to our members and this is from the feedback we got is that you will always get Pat or Shane on phone, to sort out any queries that members may have.   In addition, you will always get the same trainer for every course.     The Quality of their services is second to none offering excellent customer services and back Up support at affordable prices.   That’s is why Elevation Construction Network will continue to use SENSIBLE SAFETY  services and would highly recommend and encourage other Construction Company’s and trades to Speak to Shane before spending money on safety training and others services.


John Casey, Business Development Manager