Dear Shane

I’m writing this letter as an acknowledgement of the excellent support and dedication SENSIBLE SAFETY  have shown in the last few months. While having our own construction team was second nature to myself and Robert, we had both worked in the domestic market where the Health and Safety seemed to be an opt in opt out grey area.   Since we became involved with Carnivan Bay Property Ltd our work is generally Commercial/Public and we quickly realised that we didn’t have the experience or the time to set up a practical working Health and Safety system.   With your guidance we now have an easy to manage straight forward system that gives us the peace of mind in knowing we’re compliant and that our people, sub-contractors and general public are safe. Your staff and management training have brought Health and Safety from theory to reality and reality is where it counts.   I would also like to mention your ongoing assistance in monitoring our sites to insure we’re maintaining standards as this is the key achieving a complete Health and Safety plan, I know we would slip into old habits without your support.

Regards, Eoin Ferguson

Contracts Manager Carnivan Bay Property Ltd