A retired architect, who was having building work carried out on his own residence and failed to appoint project supervisors for the design and construction stages of the building project, was fined €2,500 by the Dublin District Court last month 

The case was taken following a fatal accident, which occurred when a worker who was working on scaffolding at fourth floor level, fell and was killed.  It highlights the duties of clients to appoint project supervisors, for in this case, while the client happened to be an architect, his role int he project was the client.

The architect, who, the court heard was retired, pleaded guilty to charges under the Construction Regulations 2013 to failing to appoint a project supervisor for the design process as required by regulation 6(1)(a) and for the construction stage as required by regulation 6(1)(b).(HSA v O’Rourke: Dublin District Court, June 2019)