What are your Duties – clarification of Clients Duties on Domestic /Private Projects

Duties of Client under SHWW (Construction) Regulations 2013

  • appoint, in writing before design work starts, a project supervisor for the design process (PSDP) who has adequate training, knowledge, experience, and resources
  • appoint, in writing before construction begins, a project supervisor for the construction stage (PSCS) who has adequate training, knowledge, experience, and resources
  • be satisfied that each designer and contractor appointed has adequate trainingknowledge, experience, and resources for the work to be performed
  • co-operate with the project supervisors and supply necessary information
  • retain and make available the Safety File for the completed structure. The Safety File contains information on the completed structure that will be required for future maintenance or renovation
  • provide a copy of the safety and health plan prepared by the PSDP to every person tendering for the project. The Safety Plan documents how health and safety on the project will be managed up to project completion
  • notify the Health and Safety Authority of the appointment of the PSDP and the PSCS where construction is likely to take more than 500 person days or 30 working days or involves a particular risk
  • Since AUGUST 1ST 2013, these duties now apply to you if you commission or procure a project in relation to your domestic dwelling
  • guidance documents state for domestic projects, the PSDP or PSCS/contractor must make the client aware of their legal duties outlined above, if these appointments are not made.

There are a wide variety of construction projects and, specific information is required for each individual build.

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